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Milling is used to make a variety of surfaces suitable for further finishing or as an anti-slip layer.

Application of drum milling and eccentric milling:

  • Glue residues and foam backs of carpet;
  • Epoxy layers and coatings;
  • Old leveling layers;
  • Concrete paint and water-based coatings.

Some advantages of drum milling and eccentric milling:

  • No blasting and damage;
  • Minimum inconvenience during work;
  • No cleaning costs thanks to dust-free sanding;
  • Better planning possible through the verifiable process.

The specific characteristics of drum milling are:

  • Remove up to 20 millimeters from the surface;
  • Quickly remove a small layer thickness;
  • Slowly remove a larger layer thickness;
  • Eliminate height differences on hard floors by controlling depth adjustment.

The specific characteristics of eccentric milling are:

  • Remove hard and flexible top layers (such as glue) with minimal damage or damage;
  • More control over project planning through the verifiable process;
  • Take account of existing substrates.

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